Sissy Bride sissycupcake story and pic

Oh what a lovely sissy Bride this sissy makes. This is what I was looking for during my call for sissy bride pics and stories earlier today.

Let Me show you this lovely sissy Bride, thank you sisscupcake from FEtlife click here for her Profile for letting Me share you with the world.  Oh and sorry Ladies and Gents this lovely sissy is off the market She is married to her lovely Miztress Lioness! (Thank you to the Lady as well)





and her written turn in was:
About a year ago my Mistress made me a happy sissy by saying she wanted me to be her sissy husband. Well on June 1, 2013 she gave me the wedding of my dreams.

She said i could be the bride. I had to get a wedding dress and found my dress on ebay custom made and it came out perfect. When the day came it was soo incredibly hectic. Including me bringing red stockings to my wedding instead of white! Thank goodness we didn’t live far away lol!
My dress laced up in the back like a corset so once i was in it there was no way out. A true bondage dress lol. For all the preparations the ceremony was over in 11mins lol. The bridesmaids came up the isle with Shania Twain’s “Man I feel like a woman”.

I came up the isle with my best friend giving me away and “Barbie Girl” by Aqua playing. I had a beautiful bouquet and 6 inch heels and i was the happiest sissy bride one could be especially when I knelt before my Mistress and she locked the collar on and placed my lovely wedding ring on me. The reception was amazing we had incredible food and a amazing cake! We had our closest friends attend and that made it even more special. I even had the pink garter removed from me 🙂

After the reception we retired to the dungeon for some play. I was finally released from my dress and stripped down to my bridal lingerie and the Mistress had Lovely Goddess Indigo bind me to a St Andrew’s cross and give me some impact play and some nice flogging too. Then Mistress finished me off and blasted me off to sub space. Wow what a session!

Thank you Mistress Maria i am so happy to be your sissy husband and making me your sissy bride and the happiest and luckiest sissy alive!

Goddess you have my permission to post the story and pictures

sissy cupcake

Note by Goddess Bella Donna;

See sissies dreams can come true as this beautiful sissy bride shows. Now keep it going. I added a whole category for just you lovely Sissy Brides.

Again if you’d like to be part of the fun nd follow click here to read adirections.

Don’t forget you can always talk to Me live on Niteflirt as well and share with Me about your Sissy Adventures and Dreams.

Goddess Bella Donna

Imagine if you will being a Sissy Bride

I see sissy pics all the time and they are usually the same types of pics, lovely as they are I as a Goddess want to see something different once in a while. I want you as a sissy to really embrace your girly side once in a while and think like a girl.

Many women have dreamed and imagined the day of their Wedding. Some have spend endless hours imagining what they want their wedding to be like. How they would dress etc. Their Wedding Bouquet, the special lingerie under and so much more.

A blushing Bride – it’s a very romantic and a very special moment in a girls life.

Now currently I am running a pic contest among My own darlings who like you are sissies and I would like to extend it to you.

I call it GBD’s most beautiful Sissy Bride Pic Contest. As you can imagine it requires for you to be dressed up as a Sissy Bride and getting ready for the special day.

I also want a fantasy story written from you with the the subject heading… Sissy Bride dreams before the big day!

If you would like to participate in this PIc Contest (I will post all pics and stories publicly on my blog) send your Pic and Story to Me at goddess@goddessbelladonna with permission to make your story and Pic public. NO entry fee this time, this is just something to delight me.

A free task so to speak. If you are owned or UC by a Mistress or Master you need to get her or his permission first.

Deadline for the Pics and Stories is September 1st. So get cracking girls!

So far a very special mature sissy turned in these lovely cappies to Me with full permission to post them publicly.

Renee_DesCartes 63TG
San Antonio, Texas
written :

Oh Goddess, it’s a dream of mine! I’d so love to wear a wedding gown, so love to be a blushing sissy bride. I know they’re not pictures, but I have uploaded 3 cappies I made on the topic long before I read your post in THE SISSY ROOM.

As a dedicated Pussy Free Sissy my current dream wedding night would see me cuckolded by a Real Man, with my services as a fluffer on-call so that He could continue to provide my Mistress pleasures far beyond the capabilities of a sissy. What a perfect end to a perfect day that would begin a perfect life of service and dedication.

Sissy Renee

Renee_DesCartes 63TG
San Antonio, Texas
written :

I forgot! You have my permission to do anything you like with my cappies, but I’d appreciate it if you mentioned they are written by me.

Thank you sissy renee those are awesome! Now I just want a pic of your pretty self as a Bride!

Goddess Bella Donna

Goddess Bella Donna updates

Goddess Bella Donna updates

Busy busy Me

Goddess Bella Donna Webcam Shot

Well now it’s been a busy few weeks on my end again. The Travel Schedule was pretty heavy with moving from one location to the next after about a 7 day stay in each.

At the moment I have returned to Florence Oregon where I am trying to figure out the next sequence of locations and where I’ll end up at over the Winter.  I still want to make it to Florida this year and of course now that means that I have to do the Trip a bit differently than I had originally planned.

Talking about one expensive Trip so- after doing some very realistic calculations I found out it will cost Me roughly $5000 in order to make it safely to the East Coast or Florida to be precise. I have put up a new “Sponsor My Trip to Florida” Page on which you can find by clicking here!

Talking about I have added so much new stuff over the last couple of weeks there that it is become rather the big little Piggy Heaven and humiliation junkie Portal again.


If you haven’t been on there lately you may have missed out on the recent contest I ran with a fellow Lady.  Boy did we have fun and you see the Winner and runner up on the blog as well.

Talking about contests and what nots:

Model My content Pillow humping Princess cum eating contest Fat Fuck Pumpkin Pic Contest

Something fun for you to do and participate in!

Away from the paymepiggy realm I am currently working on a brand new book which I am planning on releasing by December 1st. Here is the Book Cover I designed for it and yes it’s a Short Story Collection in the “Tickle Torture” Fetish Category by yours truly. All original Stories written by Me.


A couple of other Fetish Fiction and Short Story books are also still in the making, but have been pushed back for the time being. They should be released in February 2017. Remember it takes time to write all of these stories and I have to do that in between working and taking calls on Niteflirt.


Talking about writing and finding the time to do this around My travel and work schedule….

Would you enjoy hearing Podcasts of My original Stories here on this Blog? Want to become a Part of My CREATIVE PROCESSES? Then you can make a monthly Pledge here via;

… well there is a lot more happening in My life but for right now it looks as if I need to go and pay attention to a little Sissy who is desperate for personal 1 on 1 time with Goddess on Skype.

I’ll be back soon! Why don’t you check out the links and make yourself useful along the way.

Talk to you soon!

Goddess Bella Donna

No Skype love for broke boys

No Skype love for broke boys

..or any other type of attention either!

gbd banner

Lately the “can we just get to know one another and be friends” boys are out in force again. Random adding on Skype without knowing whom they are actually talking to.

They see a female face and think, well now there is a woman, I am bored and she owes me attention. I am going to request an add and then just take up her time because I am so damn special.

Guess again! For one, you aren’t anything special to Me, because you haven’t done a thing for Me. You haven’t even bothered to find out WHO I AM before asking to be added and you still honestly believe that just because I am woman I’d be thrilled to pieces to have My time wasted by some stranger who has no intentions to make My life better in any ways.

It’s arrogance that I am not going to tolerate in the least. It takes less than 2 minutes to figure out what you are on about and than you go the way like the rest of the broke males or the males who think that they don’t have to pay to talk to a woman.

Look I get it, you think I am just another chick online who is looking for attention. Problem for you is that I am a Professional Dominatrix and that MY Skype is reserved for MY slaves, My fetish Clients and My paying PAY PIGS ONLY. Other than that, it’s off limits to the rest of the penis carrying brigade. I don’t care how bored you are, if you are not ready to pay for My time and attention, you are shit out of luck.

That whole, Can we just be friends, went out with the Dinosaurs ok? If I want friends I’ll go outside and make them, in the real world, not here on online where I conduct my business. I’ll actually be able to break bread with my friends there, shake hands, give them a hug, and kick back.

Here online it’s about my business and making money. If that sounds or appears rude to you, than I am sorry, but you wouldn’t go to a male and do that. You wouldn’t walk into a Doctors office, sit down and say.. .Hey I saw you online and figured I’d stop by to say hello. Can we be friends?

So why do you think, even these days still, that it is ok to do a woman who very clearly states that she is a Professional and that she is not interested in just being friends with random guys?

Let me explain a little something to you and I know you will think it’s just bitching, but here goes.

Women don’t owe you shit. We are not your personal little boredom elevators, and we are not there to just be used for your own personal little amusement. We are not sex or any other objects, if anything when you are coming to a Femdom you will be the object and that is it. We are not there for you to demand anything from and you better learn in a hurry how to approach a woman of Power period.

Take a close look at my name … It says GODDESS Bella Donna… I don’t care if you agree with a woman considering herself a Goddess or not, that is not my problem, but you better learn how to interact with a Lady who considers herself a living Goddess.

That’s with respect and gifts in your hands for Her. If you can’t have that attitude and mindset you are of no use to Me and if you are of no use to Me then guess what, you don’t exist to Me. It’s that easy.

So one more time, DO NOT just approach women out of nowhere and expect them to be pleased about your self-serving BS. If you have nothing to offer, then stay away.

Goddess Bella Donna

New Blog intro and some thoughts

New Blog intro and some thoughts

Yes the Empire is expanding AGAIN!

Well Darlings let’s begin with the new Blog I guess and the reason behind the madness.

Niteflirt has a very strict Rule that says:

If you want to post your blog on your public profile so your Callers and Buyers can read what you have to say it can have no other Venues you utilize on it. They do hate sharing I think…

So in order to allow my pets and darlings access to at least one of my blogs I had to create a NF Compliant Blog. 😛

I know a lot of my boys and sissies there enjoyed being able to read what was on my mind, a little about various fetish interests and of course see if they made it into my “Favorite Callers” section.

Ok so I finally gave in and sat down to create one for them. Only this time I didn’t buy another domain AGAIN (that’s getting really costly after a while) but subdomained this one instead.

It’s one lengthy freaking URL so if you want to enjoy it’s posts I’d suggest you bookmark it and / or subscribe to it. There’s very little chance you’ll remember the URL otherwise. Sorry about that.
Click on the banner to be taken there!

I am working hard on populating it with some fun content and so far all the pages as well as 10 posts are up already. So you have something to see when visiting already. Go take a looksy!

Oh and those of you darlings who love helping me out make sure to spread the word on Social Media for me please. I’d appreciate your help on that.

Moving on….

I know some of you more observant readers have wondered what happened to TalktoMe Listings. Why have I not utilized it for a while and matter of fact have removed mentions of it.

For one I just really didn’t have the time to advertise it as well and with that had very little traffic to it. Plus to be honest my best listing I had on there started to attract some callers that made my skin crawl.

People really don’t read descriptions it seems and I was very clear about what types of calls I would not take on there because they personally gross me out.

So I am sorry for all you good boys and sissies who enjoyed being able to talk to me there on your fetish which I had given you a special home for since I am not allowed to do that one on Niteflirt, but I just couldn’t take the stupidity any longer from the idiots.

I may at some point have to redo them completely and try again, but for right now time wise I just don’t have the energy. I am in my heavy travel schedule right now so I have limited time available and at the moment I am really concentrating on getting Niteflirt back to par.

So what’s going on with Niteflirt then?

Well Niteflirt has been in a real drought period for the last few months and no it’s not just me.

I am not really sure what all it is but I think that Summer Vacations, the constant uproars in the News, the various weather situations and the uncertainty about what is going to happen politically soon all plays into it a little.

There are a few other internal grumblings as usual, but I am honestly not putting too much stock into that. We’ve always found a work around for those and I am confident we continue to do so. It’s just par for the course in Phonesex Land.

Plus I am trying to introduce a few more fetishes to you instead of the mainstay fetishes I was always so well known for on Niteflirt. So I haven’t put out as many Sissy, Faggot, Cuckold and “Satanic” content as I used to.

Instead I have added content for other more straight geared content and well let’s be honest anything new takes a while to be discovered by those looking for it.

I do have to say I am really enjoying my new callers as well, one of them even managed to make it straight away into my favorite caller mentions. Or I should he will be added on my new blog this afternoon after my break for the day.

Ok back to updating, taking calls, tormenting you etc.

Talk to you all soon!

Goddess Bella Donna



Niteflirt Availability when on the road thoughts

Niteflirt availability when on the road thoughts

When setting a regular schedule is a problem

One of the hardest things about being a fulltime RVer and taking calls on Niteflirt is that I can’t set and maintain a set schedule way ahead of time.

I’ve tried it several times in the past and sure enough the moment I try to set it several days at a time and ahead something came up and I wasn’t able to do it. Now I can foresee what my day time wise will look like as soon as I get up, but that’s pretty much all I can do.

So how do I keep my loyal callers updated about when I’ll be around and better yet how do I make sure that my callers from various time zones get a chance to talk to me?

I hope I finally found a solution that just makes about 10 minutes of extra work for me every day. I have started to add a little graphic at the bottom of my Profile Page on

Once I am awake (and my sleeping patterns shift a lot too so never fully sure when that is, but usually around 9 to 10 am if I had a long night) I take stock of what is on the agenda for the day and then go and create a new availability graphic which I place there.

For example today it looks like this:


I have started to send the graphic out to my Mailing Lists as well on Niteflirt and have added it on Twitter and Facebook as well.

Now if anyone looks at it and reads it is anyone’s guess, but it’s the very best I can do to help you find out when I’ll be around for the day.

If you look at the time frames you see I try to split them apart a little bit. Today I have a couple quick errands to run in a bit so I am getting a late start, but usually I try to be around about an hour after I wake up to about 1 or 2 pm and then take a couple of hours off and then come on again in the evenings to early Night.

Now sometimes I’ll stay around later if I can or I’ll put a note under that I’ll be offline for live calls but around later for PPV interactions as was the case this weekend. In those cases that is what it would like:

avail Yup I chance the image on it too just for fun. Why not since I am hoping you’ll make the effort to go and look.

What I am trying to point out to you so is that if I am able to be available later beyond when I take live calls, it will show on the daily update graphic too.

Once my partner goes to sleep I usually shut the phones down. Just being polite to do that, RVers are small spaces and phones ringing will wake you up. Well some people wake up, I honestly don’t. I sleep right through it haha.

Oh and I update my profile overall fairly regularly too. As you already know the images you see are all really me. So when something about me changes like my recent haircut that too my look from this

GBD772016to the pictures you see now. I changed it to stay true to my current look.

I also change it when I add or close a listing of mine or make changes to it.

Within my Profile text you can see quick overviews to the various listings and who might enjoy them and then a link with it to the right one.

The last change also added my new Phone w. Cam Listing to it. Plus to be honest I get bored super easy with my Profiles and Listings.

I like keeping things fresh looking and new!

Now I have to admit that my listings as far as design goes are very simple. I don’t have any bells and whistles on them, but I think they get the job done and give you the information you are probably looking for.

Yes I design and create all of my own listings and profile as well. I have doing it. I am probably going to have another one coming up in a couple of weeks since I am thinking of adding a couple new listings. Not sure about the logistics on it so and if I can do it well.

What I want to do is add a couple of listings which give you more options to purchase mainly PPVs rather then just Goodies. Those listings will be set up for that and yes you’ll be able to call me on them as well, but I want them mostly for the PPV space. So I have to figure out how to best do that since there is such a big character used limitation on that. Either way once I have it set up and figured out I will be adding to it.

Oh and heads up ….. if for some reason you don’t see me updating the graphic for several days but am showing as available off and on that means I ended up in a location where I have a phone signal but no internet. That means I won’t be able to read or respond to any of your emails either. So no I am not being rude or ignoring you.

Well I hope this helps dears and let’s give this a try for a while. I am always trying to find ways of making our connections easier for you.


Goddess Bella Donna

Yes I still do Pro-Domination and Fetish Sessions

Yes I still do Pro-Domination and Fetish Sessions

Answering a few questions I’ve been asked recently!

Over the last few weeks I have been asked several questions from both men and women. Those Questions were about me still doing Pro-Domination and Fetish Sessions now that my age and body sized changed as well as me RVing. I have to say that I was pleased by the fact that those questions were asked very politely and respectful. I guess sometimes people just get curious and / or buy into particular hype they see or read.

Now I am figuring that since those subjects came up there might be others who are curious. I know for a fact that many Ladies might find some of those questions offensive, but I honestly don’t. I understand where they might come up looking around these days.

Instead of doing them in an F.A.Q. style I’ll simply answer them in a conversational manner. So come on in, take a seat in my virtual living room and imagine sharing a cup of coffee or tea with me.

Let me address the one that most people would be afraid to ask first for fear of offending me or someone like me. Yes having grown older and having gained a somewhat substantial amount of weight did have an impact. To claim otherwise would be in insult to your intelligence. I mean let’s be honest I don’t fit the idea of a Model Domme in the least. Most of us don’t look in our 40’s the same way we looked in our late teens and 20’s. That’s just life period.

I’ve always been a bigger Lady, with most of my life wearing anywhere from a 14/16 to an 18/20. I don’t even remember ever wearing a much smaller size then that. I think the smallest amount of weight I ever weight as an adult was 145lbs.

Yes I am used to being a bigger sized Lady pretty much all my adult life. That didn’t mean it wasn’t a shock to me or that I didn’t have to get used to suddenly gaining a rather large amount of weight right after I turned 40. I went from wearing a size 18/20 to maybe a size 24/26 or 26/28 depending on brand and style within a year. It was insane what my body was doing to me and I hadn’t change anything. I just happened to hit a not so much fun time in a woman’s life that can really wreck all sorts of havoc.

Now again I am not that silly to think that those who aren’t into really big women would want to continue seeing me and paying me for a session. I had went from being average / small BBW sized to solid BBW and in the society we have today many would see me as fat. Stop before you get angry. Fat is just another word. It really doesn’t bother me towards myself. I am not that sensitive about it.

Add to it that in general you really don’t see that many more mature BBW Pro-Dommes out there, especially here in on the West Coast and yes it wasn’t as frequent as it once was. Not to mention that there for the first year or so I had to slay my own Demons on that. I had lost some of my confidence when dealing with those physical changes. Ironically my Age was never a problem for me, I was battling the weight changes in me. Thankfully so that didn’t last too long and I ended up learning not to care what other people thought about it once more.

I re-developed the same attitude I had when I was a smaller Me and that attitude is – You don’t like what you see don’t look and you are the one missing out here! Oh and of course I dealt with the same stupidity that so many of us women who go through changes deal with even in my personal life. You have no idea how stupid guys and even other women can be at times. It’s amazing to me that we as a species haven’t stopped to exist sometimes with all the ignorance that is flung around.

Once I regained myself-esteem again so and remembered that the only thing that really had changed about me was my weight and that rest of me was still fabulous, I did start offering and accepting the occasional Pro-Domination and Fetish Session appointment again.

Like I said I am not sure what it is about the West Coast, but they are not big Domme friendly. They may “suffer” a Lady to be bigger if they get their kicks for free, but don’t you dare charge for your time, experience and skills. That however really wasn’t my problem as much as theirs. They are the ones who had the issue at that point and many lost out because of it.

Now the one thing that did change was the way I presented myself in text when I announced the rules, my requirements and the opportunities. I made damn sure that they KNEW they were going to see this more mature and bigger Goddess. Oh my gosh you have no idea how many times I was told I really shouldn’t put myself down like that, but I wasn’t putting myself down at all. I was stating facts and making sure that those who would come to see Me wouldn’t be disappointed or feel lied to once they saw me. As well meaning as those “corrections” were, they just reinforced how people in general tend to view words like “older”, “more mature”, “BBW / Fat Domme” and how they were offended by that. I think up to this day that biggest part of the “battle” I have to fight, because I don’t see a problem with those words when describing myself. They are true and that doesn’t mean I don’t love myself just the way I am.

Yes it did make things harder and the sessions became less. Most of my real time Pro-Domination and Fetish sessions where with Gentlemen subs who ironically flew in from the Midwest and the East Coast. I don’t think I ever saw a local sub in Las Vegas after the changes took place. So in a way I cherished and really enjoyed the ones I did have with my good boys and I several of them knew me and had enjoyed our sessions before. I called them truer subs then those shallow Hals who instead of looking for experience were just looking for “hotness”. I wouldn’t have wanted them anyways, those make me kind of sick. Even before I gained the weight.

Now once I started full time RVing it was a real turn over in my little stable of submissive, because now even the online or long distance subs I had were acting like they suddenly lost their minds. They had stuck with me through getting older and gaining weight without a problem, but once I told them I wanted to give up my house and play area (dungeon spot) it was as if I kicked their puppy. Shakes head sadly. That was an eye opener.

Traveling the way I do has many fun points, but it does have some serious handicaps too when offering Pro-Domination and Fetish sessions. For one I am never really in highly populated places. I got sick of Metropolitan Cities after having been in Las Vegas for roughly 14 years. Most of the time in areas where there might be a City within 40 to 50 miles of me, but the actual location is often in or around small Town.

Now I am still on the West Coast as well and I already addressed that issue. Time limitations are also an issue now since I can’t really set appointments up one or two months in advance. You never know when something happens and I can’t make it to the location I had plan on. So I offer them only when I arrived with a heads up notice and then you usually only have a 7 or sometimes 14 days opportunity while I am in my heavier travel schedule.

That’s usually from late spring to early Autumn. Winters I usually stay in a 50 to 80 mile radius of the general area and just go RV Resort to RV Resort. I don’t like traveling in the Winter that much.

So location changes, shorter time frame opportunities, me not really advertising on big places like Eros Guide, and being in smaller Towns all add into it. Since I have been on the Road which is at the point roughly 2 1/2 years now I have accepted and enjoyed only 2 Pro-Domination Sessions. Which is pitiful really and trust me I miss it, but in a way that is the price I have to pay for having my traveling dream.

Ever so often I still offer up opportunities. Now I do them in a Motel Room well unless you don’t mind being a sissy or a smoke slave in my RV. There really isn’t any space for any other types of sessions. Which means that yes I have to do things a bit different too. I am not going to waste money on renting a Motel Room if I am not sure I’ll have a Session that day to recover the cost. Remember traveling in the RV the way I do is pretty darn expensive on it’s own.

That of course means you have to request the appointment for the following day, pay the deposit so I am sure you aren’t going to flake out, and then give me roughly 30 min. to an hour to email you the location since at the point I’ll make reservations in a Motel Room.

Another thing I need to make sure of is knowing the Area specific laws. In some regions certain things are tolerated while others are a total no no. Oh and once again my “love” for the West Coast shows through, I have to get it through the seekers head that NO I am not offering you any type of prostitution and that I am Domme not a “hooker with a whip”. Grumbles, sorry dears that’s a real sore spot with me these days. It’s actually one of the top reasons why I had to reject several appointment requests.

Truthfully I was really disappointed that my East Coast Trip had to be cancelled again this year, because I can’t wait to get out from the West Coast in the kinky fetish department. From what I hear and remember the Midwest and closer to East Coast is a lot more mature BBW Femdom friendly. So I am hoping that I get to do my trip soon.

On that note…. Until August 6th 2016 I am able and willing to accept Pro-Domination and Fetish Session Request for Tillamook Oregon only. I am only about 22.7 miles from there right now and don’t mind making the trip. I have also added an opportunity for the financial fetish boys as well.

For BDSM / Femdom / Fetish Pro-Domination Session information as in Rules, Rates etc. Click here!

For Financial Domination / Fetish Real time Session opportunities click here!

Yes  I am holding them apart!

Well I think that was pretty straight forward as far as answering your questions. At least I tried to be as transparent as I can be about it.

Goddess Bella Donna


Some things I noticed about Oregon Hwy 101

Some things I noticed about Oregon Hwy 101

Nomadic Goddess Journal

I have been traveling and staying in various places along the Hwy 101 here in Oregon for about 2 1/2 months now and I have noticed some  things along the way.

Verizon Wireless doesn’t seem to like many of the locations I have been to and went through. I have a Hotspot on my Android Phone that allows me to access the internet and take calls. My Provider is Verizon Wireless. Usually it’s really great but I have been to several places now here along Hwy 101 in Oregon where I got either zero or almost no reception. Sad too because some of those places were really pretty.

If you are in the lower parts (closer to California) along the Coast line to right after Lincoln City Oregon you can find more Weed Dispensaries then actual Grocery Stores. Maybe a small market that is more like a 7/11. Seems kind of silly to Me. You’d think in a place that offers 3 to 4 Weed Dispensaries there would be a lot of people with the munchies? Right? Now once you get past Lincoln City you have a hard time finding either unless you are in one of the bigger Cities.

There are a lot of “don’t blink” towns along the Coastline. A “don’t blink” Town is a place that calls itself a Town for some reason but has almost nothing in it. You literally can’t blink or you’ll miss it!

While the rest of the Nation is sweating their asses off right now you almost have to wear long sleeves along the Coastline because it’s so chilly. Nice, but funny. When I got here I literally had to invest in a new Wardrobe just so I wouldn’t shiver my ass off.

Most of the people I have met living here along the Oregon Coastline are really laid back and friendly. Tourists stick out like crazy so. Not just because of the cameras around their necks, but because many of them have some seriously stupid attitudes. It’s no wonder that most locals are glad when the summer is over.

You seem to have two main types of people living here along the Oregon Coastline. They are either stuck in way back when in their thinking or are extremely progressive. There seems to be very little in between.

My all time favorite place here along the Oregon Coastline is Florence Oregon. That little Town got it right. It’s a bit of a Tourist spot, but you’d never be able to tell. If you stay in the Thousand Trails Park there you feel like you are in the middle of nowhere, but go less then 3 miles and you have all the conveniences you need. Oh and they were actually smart enough to put a real Grocery Store there. Thank you for that. If you visit you have to go to Old Town! Visit the little Shops and make sure you visit their little arts and crafts market on the Weekends. It’s so much fun! Oh and if you get a chance make sure and say hello to “Fast Eddie”! He’s a character and the funnest person you’ll ever want to meet.

Here let me share a youtube clip of his so you can recognize him. I just adore this old man. You’d wish you’d have his spunk and energy! I met him at a little Bar that was having some life music. Yup Goddess even got up and danced with him. It was a hoot!

The closer you get to Washington State the more the personalities change. It’s a strange thing to notice really. They are still friendly but a lot more reserved and not as open to strangers. The Old Towns are not as well kept up either.

If you are planning to coming to RV Parks along Hwy 101 on any type of RV Memberships (Thousand Trails, Coast to Coast, RPI) make sure you reserve your spot way ahead of time. It can be really difficult to get into some of the places if you wait too long. Especially if you are staying over a weekend.

Well there you go some things I noticed about Oregon Hwy 101 as I travel up and down it’s length in My RV.

Goddess Bella Donna


Smoking Fetish Webcam Lemon to Lemonade

Smoking Fetish Webcam Lemon to Lemonade

Turning a disappointing turn out to My benefit!

728screen Yesterday was my official grand opening for My Phone with Cam Smoking Fetish and Domination Listing on Niteflirt. On the side you can see what I looked like for those who I was hoping would avail them-selves of the opportunity.

I had sent out a Newsletter with this picture, the link to the correct listing where they could read what was available and did the same with various Social Media Outlets.

What I received back was a couple of emails from guys telling Me they wanted to be My first smoking puppet but none of them actually followed through and called in.

I kept the listing open and available for about 5 hours until I decided that to close it down and keep the other phone only listings open.

In a way I found it funny really that after so many smoking fetish boys begging Me for Webcam sessions they were absent once again when I was generous to allow it. However now I was all prettied up and ready for some smoking fetish fun. What is a Goddess to do? Ha, capitalize on the moment of course and use the opportunity to film instead.

That is exactly what I did too and had a blast creating several brand new smoking fetish clips for my loyal fetish clients on Clips4Sale. I even offered one up on Niteflirt of the various clips. I took the opportunity to take a few Webcam Snapshots as well which I put into a nice little Smoking Fetish Photo Pack for those among you who love the images of a Smoking Goddess. Click here for the Post to it!

A special Clip is still in the editing sequence at the moment which those among you of the smoking fetish (force smoking instructions) and smoke domination variety located in Astoria or Portland Oregon won’t want to miss out. Goddess is announcing a limited time special rate for her loyal smoke fetish slaves on Clips4Sale Professional Real Time Opportunity in this clip while I am here in Wheeler Oregon.  Click to find the Clip!

My next Smoking Fetish Phone w. Cam Opportunity in which I’ll open up this listing will be on Monday August 1st from roughly 5 pm to 9 pm Oregon Time. Make sure you add yourself to My Niteflirt mailing list before then so you don’t miss out on the opportunity. Use this link here to do so and I’ll post up the “new look of the day” Photo for it on Monday Afternoon.

Well I have to run for now, but I’ll be back later this evening. I’ll be available to take your phone fetish calls for a bit after 6pm Oregon time on any of my Phone only listings. Remember you can always indulge in your Smoking Fetish under My control on My Mistress listing. Talk to you then!

Goddess Bella Donna

What I love about Tickle Torture Fetish

Tickle Torture Fetish

Turning laughter into screams and sobs

Ah the delightful fetish of “tickling” which brings tears of joy to our eyes, that is until we take it just a few steps further in true Tickle Torture Maven manner and take something apparently harmless and create devious torture out of it. Welcome to the wicked world of Tickle Torture Fetish!

Tickle Torture Fetish is one of those fetishes that simply opens up a buffet of wicked creativity in me. I enjoy the idea of stacking the deck against my intended victim and adding layers upon layers of apparently harmless actions which will have him scream cry in despair.

I deeply love the idea of it being some sort of karmic revenge that I visit upon someone who true to victim form is rendered helpless in my evil grasp. I enjoy the range of emotions, the slow build up from tickle induced laughter, to crying, sobs and finally screams until you no longer even have the energy left to gasp out your tickle induced torments.

Tickling is one of those actions that are apparently harmless. They are fun, playful and for some highly annoying, but in most cases would be hardly seen as something truly vicious or tormenting. It’s what I call a creeping up on you form of torture. The longer it goes the worst it gets, and giving the tickle victim a few moments of reprieve makes the starting up only so much worse.

The best part in a way is that most people don’t even realize just how ticklish they really are or that they are even ticklish at all. I have met many people who actually hate being tickled and to do that to them would almost feel like punishment even in the mildest of forms.

When we think of tickling we automatically think of the soles of the feet, the sides of the body, or maybe beneath the under arms or arm pits. In reality however the human body has many very sensitive spots which ironically are often also erogenous zones which if done right can be tickled.

Sometimes something as simple as re-positioning the surface we tickle can increase sensitivity and let’s face it the look of nefarious tickle torture intend on the part of the Tickle Tormentress can often times break the concentration of someone who has learned to control their ticklishness.

Wriggling around, trying to escape your perilous situation are all things that must be expected here. So it comes to no surprise that often times Tickle Torture is coupled with Bondage in which we assure our tickle victim is held helpless and without even a chance of escape.

Uncontrollable laughter for a prolonged time will and can weaken the physical body and naturally as exhaustion sets in so does the overload of sensation.

Tickling in itself can go from mild almost erotic, to intermediate laughter producing, to near scratching intense which will make the poor tickle victim scream helplessly while laughing at the same time.

Let’s not underestimate the pleasure of the mindfuck however either. Once your helplessly bound victim already writhe and squirms in laughter the Tickle Maven can use simple threats and imagery be that visual or verbal to induce further fears of what is to come.

Feathers, Fingers, Wheels, Chopsticks, pens and pencils, feather dusters, strands of hair or even a horse hair flogger pulled along the exposed body rather then used as an implement of impact are just a few of the wonderful items we might use to induce the tickling sensation.

I get a great enjoyment out of doing Tickle Torture Fetish Roleplays with My callers in which I am the Tickle Maven who uses Her wicked imagination coupled with her experience as a Femdom who knows how to assure you are properly kept helpless to get the job done. Add my love for “magic control”, my enjoyment of karmic based revenge scenarios, and let’s not forget the inclusion of many other complimentary fetishes and we get a smorgasbord of laughter cry opportunities to take you into a fantastic world for peril.

Of course many of my callers adore my delightfully wicked laughter as I let my gleeful enjoyment of the nefarious designs I have upon them show through. Focused on your tickle torture doom and adding the sounds of evil yet contagious laughter into the mix brings it all to life in a way that won’t allow you to forget any time soon.

Once I have you tickle trapped you are sure to be MY Victim for a long time to come and yes I will keep plotting against you as I already think of new and naughty ways to make you scream, squirm and laugh cry under my control.

To me Tickle Torture is one of those wonderful fetishes you can really enjoy during a Fetish Roleplay Phone Session with someone, because the mental imagery is just as important as the physical actions would be. Most of us know what it feels like to be tickled and at times maybe even have been tickled by someone to the extend that it stopped being fun to you. I am sure you gasped and begged for someone to stop, please stop, before. If you have, then you can summon up that memory easily as I spin you a wicked tale of tickle doom.

Just think of the many different scenarios and often times “cause and consequences” of the wicked kind that can easily be made available. Heck I think tickle torture could easily be part of an interrogation fantasy where you’ll spill your beans quickly enough once the tickling becomes too much to bare.

What about if a Giantess accidentally gets a taste for tickle torture and now is on a rampage to wreck delightful evil havoc on you little men?

Ah so many wonderful ideas and options just running through my mind.

If you enjoy the deliciously devious laughter filled fetish of tickle torture make sure you check out My Content Blog where I have already added a new story called “The Fate of the Great Tickle Inquisitor” in written format and I added it’s Clip Recording Option for those who’d like to watch me read the story to them.

Or why don’t you join Me for a Tickle Torture Fetish Call on My Niteflirt Roleplaying Listing. We can either discuss the fetish or indulge in a Roleplay together where I’ll be your Tormenting Tickle Queen and you my doomed victim.

Tickle Tickle from yours truly

Goddess Bella Donna

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