Yeah so you are gay

Yeah so you are gay

Cock loving males who serve a Goddess?

Lately I haven’t produced as much content for the gay parade of cock loving males. For a Goddess who enjoys sissies and faggots as much as I do that is a bit strange. Hell let’s face it for years the majority of my content was queer related in some way. Between the sissies, the faggots and the cuckolds, you would have thought there wasn’t a straight male left out there in my realm. At least that is what it started to feel like to me.

About 3 months ago I noticed that each time I was sitting down to write or record another gay encouraging content it just sort of fizzled out. I’d delete it or leave it unfinished. I began to indulge myself in something a lot more important to myself and that was conditioning submissive males. Conditioning them to better serve me as their Goddess regardless of their sexual preferences.

You can suck all the cock in the world and bend over for every dick you see for all I care since I never will fuck you anyways. The question so is do you know how to serve me your Goddess? The answer to that question was quick and hard hitting. If I put out cock sucking and anal whore conditioning items that were sexually self-serving in nature those little dick lovers bought them with glee. The moment it was being a sissy or faggot in servitude to the Goddess there was zero interest. Bottom line – they only wish to serve themselves.

As a Goddess I find this rather unacceptable. You want me to teach you how to be a better cuckold, sissy or faggot, but you are not willing to learn how to serve me properly? You want to claim to be submissive but you won’t take the time to learn how to please me? You’ll spend thousands of dollars on gay and sissy related fuck toys, videos, content and clothing, but you won’t spend a dime on learning how to be a better sub for me? Outrageous!

Now I can’t force you into anything. I don’t find myself wishing to do so either. A Goddess should never have to force anyone into wanting to submit to her. It should be natural for you to wish to reach for any chance to learn my will and desires. Matter of fact, you should hunger for it with the same intensity you gay fuckers hunger for cock.

As your Goddess I will always have mine before yours. The gay addictions and conditioning content became less. The sub conditioning content became more. Oh poor little gay sex addicts has your Goddess abandoned you? I have done no such thing, but I am putting my foot down.

I desire to be worshiped and served first and foremost. I deserve no less then your utter focus on me first. Then you may learn how to please and pleasure those cocks under my control. Then your desire for gay sex may be indulged.

Yeah you are gay, but if you want to be gay and submissive to me you best learn how to show proper servitude and attentions to your Goddess first.

That’s all… carry on you cock loving cretins.

Goddess Bella Donna


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