My RVing travel will have to be put on hold for a while.

My RVing travel will have to be put on  hold for a while.

Nomadic Goddess Journal

Well at least it will after I get to the next location in 2 weeks from now. I just parked in here in Needles Ca and will remain here to catch up with a few of my old RVing friends for the next 2 Weeks. After that I will make a final short trip over to Lake Havasu where I’ll stay for the unforeseeable future.  Basically I need to put My dream of full time RV traveling on hold for a while.

At this moment I am estimating for roughly 9 months to a year, during which time I have to catch up on some funding and shell out roughly $15,000 in RV Repairs.

I had spend the summer along the Oregon Coast and it was nice, but the trip up there had already started with a tire blow out which required for Me to replace 2 tires which isn’t cheap on an RV, followed immediately after by having to replace a tow bar system. When I say immediately after I mean within a few miles (less then 40 miles). So the trip there already started out with a bang.

During the travel and stay there I ran into a few minor repair issues I was able to push out until I get back into Lake Havasu where I have a trusted RV Repair shop. That’s such a major thing to have, since one of the big lessons I learned in the last 3 years is that a lot of RV Repair Shops are extremely shady. So having someone who showed them-selves trust worthy is huge and you want to stick with them if at all possible.

Right before I left Oregon again (about 10 days before) I had a major leak in the RV coming from my bathroom which ended up flooding the back bedroom, the hallways floor, the bathroom obviously and parts of the living / kitchen area. There has been damage needless to say, but the extend of the damage remains to be seen. If I have to tear the floors out and replaced plus have the mold which sets in now from it taken care of the financial output will be overwhelmingly huge.

On the drive down here I had another tire blow out and that took Me back by already another $600 not to mention being caught up in the Weather which resulted in slower travel and more cost output.

The Roof on the RV needs replacing now too (constant rain is not good for an RV which was pretty much all I had this last summer).

All in all the Summer months had proven to be rather costly and the income level for about 3 months on Niteflirt extremely low. So I used up a lot of the Emergency Savings I had put away for it.

Now I am ok paying my regular bills, I always am that, no problem, but those Repair Costs coming up will be rather a challenge for a bit. So I have to put the travel on hold, stay put (not looking forward to the high heat summers in Arizona that is for sure) and getting the RV fixed up.

I just can’t feel safe taking it out on the Road until all those repairs are fully done and paid for.  I am also going to attempt to stock up the Emergency Savings Fund and gather a new Traveling Fun of roughly $7,000 before I hit the road again.

So no I am not giving up on my dream, but I am being smart about it. Sometimes you have to take a break, assess the situation, do the math, plan ahead properly, and get things fully up to par and ahead again before resuming it.

Am I sad about it? Of course I am, but I would be a lot more devastated if I was being a foolish woman and then end up dead due to a malfunction or a serious trouble that causes an accident.

So I guess I will be working super hard these few months to get it all done. I am figuring between repairs, emergency savings stock up, and travel funding I am looking at roughly $30,000 in total on top of my usual monthly bills.

I can do it! Especially now that I finally found an Adult Friendly Payment Processor that I can work with! I am so happy about that!

Well darlings looks like the East Coast will have to wait for Me to arrive a little longer, but once I got this all done and am financially where I feel I can do it without worrying about anything along the way, watch out because here I come.

Hopefully that will end up being Winter of 2017 and when I do I will make sure I can enjoy the trip there and stop in many places along the way to have fun without having to worry about working for several hours a day during the trip.

Right now I look at this in a very positive way. Oh I know I will become frustrated and disgruntled in a few months, because I love being on the road, but I have learned a lot of really important lessons over the last 3 years of traveling so far. Which means this time around I am not starting it again guessing at a lot of things, this time I know what to expect and how to prepare for it properly ahead of time.

Wish me luck all and if you want to help make it happen quickly and effortlessly you can do so by calling lots, buying loads of content as it becomes available and you can use one of the tribute options on this link as well as the customized options as well:

For this second I am going swimming for an hour and say hello to some old friends of mine. I’ll be around again in a bit.

A determined

Goddess Bella Donna



Being conditioned as a sub isn’t always fun darlings.

Being conditioned as a sub isn’t always fun darlings

Femdom Journal

A lot of new boys and sissies have the idea that being conditioned as a submissive is always going to be fun and games for them. Their idea of what will take place is usually of the scene time or play time only variety and usually has something to do with their private parts.

Conditioning is restructuring of the mind, removal or untraining of bad or unbecoming of a submissive habits, and teaching in a repetitive fashion new pleasing habits, protocols, preferences of the Lady which you’ll have to learn etc.

It’s receiving and completing assignments and tasks. Many of them non-sexual and often tedious and as well designed into forcing you to focus.

Tasks and Assignments when used to condition usually require for the individual to pay close attention to what has been ordered and how it is worded. That is part of the training, that you will do it exactly the way it is ordered and refrain from making changes to it on your own.

At times you will receive an Assignment that could be done easier and perhaps even “better”, but it is worded in such a way that it requires for you to simply obey even if to do it that way doesn’t make sense to you or causes you additional work now at some later point. Those are obedience tasks or assignments that are designed to teach you to override your need to only do what you “think is best” or make you feel the need to “override an order because you don’t like it.”

Tasks and Assignments in general challenge the submissive to surrender and to do what he or she is told without back talk and with great precision in a timely manner. That is extremely important to learn to do so you are able to learn to surrender even in the little things to the will of the one who conditions and trains you.

It’s also a weeding out process. A lot of individuals will not pay attention fully and do what they think they read. Meaning the skimmed the order of the Task or Assignment and missed an important point. It’s usually somewhere in the wording which unless you paid fullest attention wouldn’t become immediately obvious.

That of course will lead to you making a mistake and failing the task.

The first thing when that happens I as the Femdom Goddess see is that you indeed did not fully focus or didn’t comprehend the Task. If however there was something within it that you didn’t fully understand it should have been requested to be clarified at the beginning before beginning the task, not used as an excuse after the fact.

If you fail a task it becomes necessary to correct you and if you have a tendency to feel that should be the one to correct the Goddess repeatedly or stubbornly attempt to cling on to how you used to do things, we run into a problem.

Discipline is part of the conditioning process. That is how you learn and if you are unable to take corrections or it feels unfair to you if you are disciplined by someone then you are not suited to ask for conditioning and training.

Assumptions.. at the beginning of any conditioning and until both sides get to know one another fully, assumptions is pretty much all I as the Femdom can resort to at times. Those assumptions will be born from attitudes, wording, actions and reactions you give to Me during interaction. If I come to a false assumption instead of acting like a butt hurt baby about it, you need to humbly clear it up to Me and let Me know what is really the case. This way I can learn you better, but if you start snapping at Me or decide that after only a couple of weeks this is just not working for you because you are not being treated with kids gloves, then you are right. We are not well suited to each other. For one I do not condition or train adults who are overly sensitive and act out at the first opportunity when they get a foot in the neck by Me.

As a Femdom I am very clear about what it is I want and desire to happen. You don’t have to guess at it nor do you have to make assumptions. I lay it out clearly. A fetishist or submissive tends not to be that forth coming. That is where a communications breakdown often happens.

Conditioning is not always fun, matter of fact there will be times you really are not going to like Me. That is normal considering I have to unhinge your stubbornness and destroy your bad habits that often times you see as something you are entitled to or are at times even proud of. Nobody likes being told that they are wrong and that they will be disciplined if they continue to show an attitude or not pay close enough attention to what it is being said. NOBODY!

However if you wish to be a submissive who is being conditioned that will be exactly what will happen and in the beginning rather frequently. It’s a process. So if your Ego gets in the way or you need to be treated with kids gloves all the time, I suggest you rethink the whole idea of being submissive to someone like Me.

I am caring but firm and yes strict. If I need to worry about correcting you in a firm way, then you really are not suitable to Me or probably the majority of other Ladies either.

Conditioning is a long sometimes hard on the ego road. Be sure you understand that before asking anyone to take up the conditioning process for you.

Goddess Bella Donna


Being happy doesn’t depend on other people

Being happy doesn’t depend on other people

A few Sunday musings


It’s been an interesting week to say the least on my end. I am getting ready again to go on the road tomorrow and travel to my next destination which keeps me pretty busy with preparations in between taking calls, creating content, interacting with my clients and a couple of online subs.

A “special” someone tried to start drama again the same way that “special” someone tried a few years ago. Last time I still cared to get drawn into it, this time I refused. That ship sailed as far as I am concerned and there is nothing else I want to add to what I said 2 years ago. I am really not in the habit of repeating myself and especially not to someone whose entire purpose in life it seems is to start shit. Moving on…

It did make me think about happiness so and how sad it really is that so many people seem to have to look for happiness from the outside of them-selves. Your happiness doesn’t depend on other people. It really doesn’t. You have to find that core of being happy inside of yourself and you have to make a choice to allow yourself to be happy.

Oh I know it’s a strange concept to say “allow yourself to be happy”, but it really is a choice you have to make. The world around you will give you dozens of reasons every single day from an outside perspective to tell you why you don’t deserve to be happy and why you just simply can’t be happy. With yourself, with other people, with goodness knows what. That’s outside influences demanding you remain miserable, but guess what, you don’t have to listen to them.

You don’t have to listen to them, you don’t have to defend yourself to them, you don’t have to even respond to them. You know why? Because you have a right to be happy and actually you have an obligation to yourself to be happy.

There are a million and one things that are out of your control. I don’t care who you are or what you think you are, you are not all powerful and you cannot control everything. It’s impossible and if you let the things that are beyond your control drive you into a feeling of helplessness, misery, discontent with yourself even, you have just given up your most important human right. The right to your happiness.

I don’t remember who said this but I read it just recently.

“I have only control over what I write and say and how I meant it. I have no control over how you read it, heard it or choose to understand it.”

It makes no difference what you say or write, someone else will take it in a way that gives them fuel to attempt to make you unhappy. It’s up to you if you allow it. It’s up to you if you allow outside influences to make you unhappy or not. It’s up to you if you want to take on labels other people assign to you. It’s up to you if you wish to see yourself through the eyes of strangers who seriously have no clue who or what you are, or if you look through your own eyes and see yourself for the fabulous genuine human being that lives inside of you. Your choice to make if you want to be happy or allow yourself to be made unhappy. That choice is under your control.

I can almost hear you… but what if they are right? Are they right? Only you can answer that one. When it comes to myself I know if they are right or not. I can’t say the same about you. I am not inside of you, I have no idea what your life really looks like. I have not even an inkling of a clue what really goes through your head. I don’t know, and honestly I don’t want to know either on that deep of a level. You have to sit down and do that inner work on yourself.

Happiness, everyone deserves it. There are so many people out there in the world who are unhappy and not because of really devastating situations, but because they make their happiness dependent on the opinion of other people who don’t even know them. It’s insane when you watch that. It’s unhealthy, it’s toxic, it’s going to end up destroying you if you allow it to go on.

AS for Me, oh sure I will have moments of unhappiness too, I am a human being, but they don’t last long. I don’t allow people or even situations to make me or keep me unhappy.  I have learned a long time ago, that you can’t do that. I will always choose happiness over popularity, and that happiness comes from inside of me, not from you.

I often say … Make your Goddess happy, do xyz. … but do you really think that if you don’t do it I will suddenly be unhappy? That would be giving you power of me and something that is one of the most important things to me. It’s not going to happen. I will be happy regardless if you do what I order or ask, depending on if you belong to me or not. If you do it, awesome! If you don’t, great too you just lost an opportunity with me. That’s all so.

My happiness does not depend on you or anyone else. Used to, but I grew out of that years ago now. These days I’ll enjoy myself with those who genuinely want me to be happy and love it when they can spike my happy meter.  As to the rest of the people out there… I don’t care what you want anymore than you care what I want.

So choose you, choose being happy, choose living your life in a way that you can be happy and screw the rest, because they won’t care about you in any real way. It’s all you baby!

Goddess Bella Donna

Direct calls and Webcam Sessions

Direct Calls and Webcam Sessions

Please read carefully!

You may have noticed that I deleted My Phone w. Cam listing on Niteflirt for the smoking fetish boys. It was a recent development and one that really wasn’t that difficult to make. So let’s go over the reason why I made this decision and what it means to you now.

Why did I delete the Phone w. Cam listing which was less then 2 months old on Niteflirt?

Two reasons to be blunt. For one there seemed to be the idea on Niteflirt that a Fetish  Webcam Session should be conducted at the price of a phone only session. With other words the guys who were interested tried to bargain on the fee I set a few times too many and I am sorry, but that is NOT acceptable to Me. They also seemed to have the idea that any woman offering a Webcam Session via Niteflirt will get nude for them and entertain their wee little wieners in a Puppet Mistress style. Again not acceptable to Me since I made it extremely clear that I do not go nude nor semi-nude and that I will dress as I am comfortable in and prefer during the session. Obviously having the listing was a waste of time and pretty soon I no longer even felt interested in logging it in.

Second reason is that I am in the mood for different things at different times and to be frank when I offer Webcam Opportunities to you I want to be entertained in the ways I am in the mood for. Femdom prerogative as far as I am concerned!

You can wait until your opportunity comes around and then jump on it while it lasts!

So have I stopped offering Webcam Opportunities?

No I have not, I am simply going to offer it directly via Skype when I am in the mood for it and will clearly outline what I am open to that day and the tribute requirements I am placing on them. Yes you read it correctly, you will need to tribute to have a Webcam Session with Me. No exceptions to the Rule for any of you. You will be required to submit your payment at the beginning of the Session. Fail to do so and your window of opportunity closes for good. You will be blocked by Me on Skype.

How can you find out when those Opportunities come available?

Hit the subscribe button here on this blog and look for when you see a post pop up that will have Webcam Opportunity and the date on it. That post will give you all the information you need.  As far as to what, when and how much. Payment options will always be CASH via online transfer only and I will give you the various options when we talk on Skype.  Trusted individuals obviously will have more options then others.

Skype Text Chat ONLY Fetish Sessions are available anytime you see Me as available on Skype under MizBellaDonna2you. For rules and fees click here.  I am not looking for friends and just chatting on My Skype Account period. My Skype is purely for prosession clients and serving submissives! Come on asking to just talk and be friends and I’ll block you quickly. You have been warned.

This is NOTHING PERSONAL, it’s business. You are looking for attention and want My time and expertise, you will have to pay for it. It’s called pay to play!

Moving on to Direct Calls

What is a direct call?

Should be obvious but sometimes the most obvious things seem to be the least obvious to understand for some.  Direct call means you do not have to call into a Platform, go through a 3rd Party or dial an extension number to talk to Me. You call Me directly AFTER you have paid Me for the privilege of doing so and only during the time you have paid for and have been granted permission to do so.

How do you set it up with Me?

Two options. You can either email Me to request a direct call with Me for x amount of minutes with letting Me know what fetishes you are looking for. I don’t want to read a lifestory boys, just give Me a quick summary. I want to see your DOB on it (Month and Year), have to have that sorry to safeguard myself.

I will give you the amount required for the call and various options to make the payment. You make the payment, I verify it, and you get the phone number from Me to call in on. Your time is up, you can either pay more or we say good-bye.  I will NOT answer the phone number unless you have paid for time with me afterward. Matter of fact my Ringer is off unless I am expecting a paid call. So don’t bother trying.

You can email Me to request this option at  Subject line: Requesting a Direct Call with you.

Then give Me the information. If I feel I don’t want to take the call I will politely decline. You won’t even be given the payment options or anything else. So use common sense and manners.

Option #2 is Skype Phone only. In that case you can contact Me on Skype MizBellaDonna2you to request it. I will ask you a few quick questions, ask you how long you want, will give you My fee and the options available to make the payment. The PHONE will not be connected until I have received the payment and I am not going to sit there discussing the call with you either. It’s a simple adult transaction. You either do it the way I tell you to or you will be blocked for attempted wasting of My time. You get one chance with Me.

Why am I not posting the FEES on here and the Payment options?

Because the payment options are only the business of those who are actually looking to serve and connect with Me. FEES depend on the the Fetish you request. Obviously basic fetishes will be cheaper than more intense and extreme fetishes. Honestly also depends on the attitude you have with me when requesting the call option. I have a really bad habit of raising the rate when someone acts out of line with Me. Remember you are dealing with a long standing experienced Femdom not a stooge. Keep that in mind and we’ll get along fine.

For loyals and regulars (those who avail them-selves several times a month to this option) there may be some agreement reached of a monthly flat payment with x amount of minutes you can have available to you. This option will not become available to you until you have done at least 15 Calls with Me without any problems or attempted shade. Remember that your integrity is your credibility with Me.

Can you have Texting Privileges with Me?

Yes those can be discussed and you will have to pay up front for x amount of texts. You can ask Me about it.

Ok that’s all for today!

Goddess Bella Donna





I am running a content sale right now

I am running a content sale right now

Win / Win situation!

Goodies Sale until September 25th 2016
Full List of items for Sale


All Items that have been reduced in price for this Sale are marked with “TS Sale” in front of it on the Goodies Page itself. They will return to their regular Price at Midnight Sunday September 25th going into Monday September 26th so don’t wait too long to purchase these items.

Here is a list of the 120 Items which have been reduced.

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As you can see I marked this as My travel funding sale and that is exactly what it is for. The proceeds for this sale will go towards the money I need to travel safely to My Winter Quarters.

So I figured I’ll do something nice for you by lowering the prices on My Content and give even you smaller pocket boys and sissies the opportunity to enjoy some of the things I create.

When you see higher priced MP3 s they are longer. For example a $25.00 MP3 will be right around 25 min. in length.

If you never bought content from Me or on Niteflirt be advised that should ALWAYS download the content to your devices and listen with your headphones on for better voice quality.

So go and indulge as much as you can afford and do something nice for Me in the process!

Goddess Bella Donna

Fetish Calls for Sissy Littles and Adult Babies with Me

Fetish Calls for Sissy Littles and Adult Babies with Me

The maternal, nurturing and loving side of the Goddess


bbw-momma-bella Sissy Littles and Adult Babies are two types of fetishists or Lifestylers with whom I can let my maternal, nurturing and loving side shine bright.

That is as long as they play by My rules of course and don’t try to cross the line into “eeky land” with Me.

Now most of you know that I am actually a Mother who has raised her children to adulthood by now and I am even a Grandmother by now as well. I wouldn’t touch My own darlings in a sexual way ever (naturally) so I won’t cross that line with you either.

You see for Me personally being the surrogate Mom for Adult Babies and Sissy Littles pretty much is the same as when I raised My own to adulthood. I see you and treat you the way I would anyone in those Age groups even so you are naturally fully grown adults who are simply enjoying this type of Age Play.

I try to give you what you may never have had, especially for you  sweet little sissies who have always dreamed of having had a mother figure who would have accepted you and raised you as a girl.

To me that means a combination of:

Nurturing and teaching you what you need to know every step of the way in an “age appropriate” manner. That means I will talk to you as I would to someone who is in the age that you are roleplaying being at this moment.

Comforting you with hugs, holding, kisses and soothing words because you are sad, hurt, or just lonely. I make those  boo boos better.

Discipline you when you have been bad so you can learn not to do it again. Yes that is part of being a Mommy too. I don’t raise brats, I raise good sissy girls and adult babies. Mommy wants to be able to be proud of you.

Talking care of the natural physical needs that come with your “age” group. Feeding, Diaper Changes, Bathing you, Potty Training, etc. You get the point.

Play time and Play Dates are important parts of social developments so those are very much part of it too.

Telling you Bedtime Stories and Singing Lullabies to you… Yes those old fashioned things that so many people no longer do these days.

As you grow older for the Sissies in particular teaching you about makeup, clothing, hair, and all the other things you’d teach a Daughter. Having those conversations about boys and what you need to know. Teaching you how to be a good girl for Mommy and to hold yourself to some standards. Remember that I am your surrogate Mom here I am not about to raise you to be a slut.

Teaching you how to do your laundry, to do household chores, and all those other important things every girl should know.

Having Slumber Parties, snuggling up to watch a Movie together, helping you to develop into a sweet young Lady.

All of those things are part of what I enjoy and offer to My Sissy Littles and Adult Babies. What I absolutely won’t do with you is pretend to have sex with you in any way. To Me that is eeek and turns Me off quickly. I’ll have to say good bye to you if you attempt to force that issue.

I believe in creating a safe environment for those in My care and allowing them to experience what it really means to be raised, loved, nurtured, disciplined and parented by a protective and mature Mommy Figure.

Now sadly with Me traveling I don’t have all the fun stuff that you’d love to have for an Adult Baby for example, but you can still do basics even on the road.  It just requires some planning ahead and of course for the little darling to bring their special items with them. So yes I am able to offer that during a Pro-Domination & Fetish Session and I’ll have great fun doing so.

Phone Session like these can only be done on TALKTOME since it is a major TOS violation on Niteflirt. So please if you want to talk to Me about it or get a phone experience with Me use this LISTING only:

BBW Momma Bella Click here to Talk To Me

What about Skype Chat or Skype Webcam Sessions. Those are available to you as well and of course you will need to tribute for My time just like everyone else. I will however ask you what your “natural age” is first which means the current AGE (by D.o.B.) so I can keep Myself and you safe. I will not talk to natural minors so if you come on giving me some other age first I’ll refuse to interact with you.

Naturally I will need to ask you several questions so I can see at which stage of your personal development you are at the point you come into My care.

Oh and please do tell Me where you found Me at. I need to know which of My Blogs you came from, because for some fetishes like financial fetish or financial domination my Skype Chat and Domination Session fees are a lot higher.  I don’t want to make the wrong assumptions and I don’t force people into a fetish they don’t enjoy or even understand.

Well I guess there you go. If you are interested in these types of fetishes and would like to interact in them with Me, you know how to go about it now and where to find me.

I am looking forward to being your “Mommy Figure” and to take good care of My sweet Sissy Daughters and Adult Babies.

Goddess Bella Donna


Smoking Fetish meets robot fetish

Smoking Fetish meets robot fetish

Having fun combining Fetishes into a Roleplay!


Hello again darlings!

I’ve spoken often in the past about My love for combining various fetishes into one scene or roleplay on Niteflirt or just in general. It’s always so much fun when you have more areas to play within and I don’t know about you but I am one of those kinksters who gets bored really easily when things become too restrictive.

One of my personal Top 10 Fetishes is smoking fetish and when it comes to that particular line up of fetish subcategories I go pretty deep.

From Smoke with Me, the Eroticism of smoking, Force Smoking Instructions, Smoke Slave Conditioning, human Ashtray conditioning and yes even to mild cigarette torments. I have done it all and continue to enjoy doing it.

Now another fetish category I really enjoy is mind-fuck, brainwashing, mesmerization and in extension robot conditioning.

Now Robotics Fetish or ASFR aka technosexuality, can go into many different directions as well. In My case I either come at  you as the Programmer and Operator of the Robot (you), or as the Prime Unit who directs all other Robots in a sort of Borg Mentality.

Yes, I am always in charge, but that shouldn’t surprise you considering I am a Femdom.

Now a couple of years ago I filmed a very special clip in which I was playing with smoking fetish and robotics. In it, I came to you as the Prime Unit. It was a lot of fun and there for a while I had the full clip up for sale as well.  Since then it has been archived by Me on Niteflirt, but I may at some point make it available again.

In the meantime however I used the first couple of minutes of it as a little sample on Youtube to shall we say attract the boys who are into smoking fetish and technosexuality. Since this is something I offer on My Roleplay listing (ASFR) and smoking of course on MY Mistress Listing as well as Phone w. Cam Listing.

I thought you might enjoy seeing the Youtube clip I shared. So without further ado here it is:

Back then it was still a fetish combination I was fairly new at, but since then I have done many different ASFR or technosexuality Roleplays and have really gotten into it.

If you have never indulged in this fetish you might want to check it out. Especially those among you who are into being mindlessly obedient. Let’s face it, once you are turned into a humanoid robot, your free will is pretty much gone.

Goddess Bella Donna

There are more subs then Ladies of Dominance

There are more subs then Ladies of Dominance

A few thoughts for you submissive boys and sissies from Goddess Bella Donna


Sit down my dears and get comfortable. I have a few important things to make you think about and I am sure you may even have already noticed them for yourself to some extend.

However I think that it is important that it is mentioned to you in a way that doesn’t allow you to indulge in  your avoidance of facts habit. Oh and you are all very good at that aren’t you?

There is a very good chance that you may only have had experience with online domination at this point. Perhaps you may have only been a watcher and dreamer up to this point, watching the endless streams for femdom pornographic images flow by you on social media. Maybe you have been a part of social communities such as Fetlife or niche specific communities such a, etc. Or you have joined Facebook groups that have a Femdom / male sub overtone.

When you are only an outside observer you get the misguided idea that there are more Femdoms then male submissives out there and it leads to what I call a “boy in a candy store syndrome”. Surely with so many women offering their time and experience, teasing and tempting you, strutting their stuff in often times very racy behavior, there has to be an overflow of  female flesh to choose from for you horny boys.

Oh boy did I just phrase that in a highly offensive to the Ladies way, but that is what is being presented to you in your mind. You still have not clued in that many of those Ladies are Models and just because someone dresses and spouts a few words that to the layman represent female domination doesn’t make them in actuality Femdoms of any kind. Many are playing a role or character in order to support them-selves and in the smart business practice of a woman who is highly in touch with her sexuality and feels no shame in using it  capitalizes financially on your weaknesses. Oh and no there is NOTHING AT ALL WRONG WITH IT!!!!

The point I am making is that what you see often is an illusion and doesn’t necessarily represent the facts of how many actual skilled and knowledgeable in domination and various fetishes as well as BDSM or Kinks Ladies of Dominance are actually out there.

That however you don’t even begin to understand until such time when you actively decide to seek one out. It is during those first times of seeking a Lady of Power out when you begin to realize that not all that glitters is gold.

It may take you a few times before you start noticing that something is missing when you engage with them. What’s missing? The actual Power within them and the being comfortable of taking control over another person in the way a Lady of Dominance will and can.

Oh and yes dear ones, SHE has to be comfortable with it and SHE must actually feel the need within HER to be in charge and take control. It has to be part of HER natural character, HER being, otherwise She will falter in the end.

To put it in a rather offensive way but one that will make the point extremely well. You can hand a Chimp a Flogger and teach it to swing it, that doesn’t make it a Master or Mistress. It is still just a Chimp with a Flogger.

Anyone can take lessons and learn how to use the various toys and tools found in BDSM. Anyone can dress the part that is so frequently represented as what a Mistress should look like. What you can’t learn is holding that Power inside of you and how to engage in a Power Exchange that is both meaningful as well as beneficial to both sides. You can’t teach someone how to feel comfortable and confident at a very deep level and you can’t teach them to really get it on a deep level either. That has to be inside of them already. At least the spark.

So unlike what appears to be available the Pool of Ladies of Dominance is actually a lot smaller. Add into that that many already have a submissive male or have very strict requirements on what they find acceptable from those who may gain the privilege of applying for a position as Her slave or one of Her slaves if She is a Hisem Mistress the pressure on you putting some  actual effort in becomes even more true. Now remove the group of Ladies of Power who are not interested in taking on a male born slave but prefer female born slaves and it narrows down even further.

Here is when you will truly realize just how much effort you really have to put in to stand out among the thousands of other males who dream of being a submissive or slave to a Lady of Dominance.

Next of course comes the attitude and mental picture you have about what it means to be a male sub or slave. That is where most of you will fail miserable and a lot of mental conditioning has to take place. Which means once again you have to find a Lady who is willing to spend an extraordinary amount of time undoing bad behaviors and adjusting your mental picture of what it is to be Her slave.

You’d be surprised how few Ladies these days are actually willing to put up with that and are willing to put that type of work into you. Most Ladies of Dominance are usually very busy in their personal life  and often times have a demanding Business Life as well. They seek to find relaxation, service and entertainment with those who serve them not have to deal with irritations that can be avoided.

Remember that a slave is to be a joy to his Mistress not a burden or an annoyance and yet sadly, many of those who only look at fictional literature or pornographic movies as sources of insight will become exactly that. A burden and an annoyance.

Now you need to keep in mind what type of Lady of Dominance you seek out to take control of you. What is it you are looking for and what amount of effort are you willing to put in it. Oh boy that pool of available to you Ladies is shrinking by the minute.

The point is that the chances of you finding someone whom you can actually become a slave or sub to in a very real way, be that online or real time (face to face) are only decent for those who put in a lot of effort from the start and keep up that amount of effort throughout.

Let Me give you a little tip. A Lady of Power and Dominance is very patient in selecting and finding the proper slave and sub for Her. She feels no desperation in the task. She knows that in due time the right boy will approach Her and it makes no difference if that takes days, weeks, months or years.

Her Ego is not on the line here nor does She feel lonely without a body to kneel to Her. It’s a lot more important for Her that the one who does kneel to Her in due time is the right one for HER and in turn for Her to be the right ONE for him.

In general a Lady of Dominance will weed and wade through many potential applicants for Her time and affections. Many will be left by the wayside as time goes by simply because they did not hold that special something within them that She seeks in them. They were just not keepers and again that sounds a lot harsher than it sounds.

Just like in a Vanilla Life you will date probably many people before you fall in love with the one that ensnares your heart, mind and body. It’s a process which takes all of different amounts of time and how long it takes always depends on the matches and personalities.

Over the years I have had many subs whom I felt a very strong instant connection with, but as time went on I got to see the hidden side of their Characters which could not be trained out of them and made U/us incompatible in the long run.

I had one sub whom I actually found very difficult to be around at first and by My very nature was tempted to just deny access to Me, but something inside of Me stilled My hand from giving him the “Go away” sign.  In his case it was pure nerves and feeling so overwhelmed by My presence, as well as being something he had not expected Me to be like that caused his behavioral problems with Me that truly turned Me off against him.

It took a total blow out between U/us to clear the air and he ended up returning to Me 3 months later a much changed individual AFTER he had time to think over what I told him that fateful day.

He went on to become one of My most treasured and highly devoted submissives for several years until his personal life took him out of the BDSM lifestyle completely.

Still again it was a major effort that was required to go from just another guy to becoming such a wonderful treasure whom  still think of fondly many years later.

These days you are so used to women courting you for your affections and you do not seem to see things for what they are.

I myself I have various categories to Me – the Content producers who is an Adult Business woman and within that capacity markets her products in a way that draws your attention to them. It’s business and nothing else. It has nothing at all to do with domination even if the topics are Femdom and Fetish topics. Domination is a personal thing, a one on one thing, an interactive thing. Not a buy a product and suddenly I am your Mistress thing. NO I am your kinky creative and highly skilled content provider who earns HER living of this. Nothing more.

The Professional Domina who allows you the opportunity to gain a bit of experience and exploration in something you may and probably are not to able to reach for due to life and business circumstances.  I provide a service at the same time as I allow you the experience of what it is like to serve Me. It being Professional there is a financial business transaction taking place simply because your service you provide during that session is based more on what you seek out to experience rather than on what MY needs are.

Yes I still retain the right and will deny a Session if I am not interested in you, if you are not in conjunction of the Fetishes and Kinks I enjoy, or your manners are not in accordance with what I desire from you. I have that Luxury thankfully to turn you down since for Me even so it is part of My Income it is NOT just about the Money here nor my primary income.

Lifestyle even more so and now I am even more picky and choosy and guess who gets to do all the courting here. It isn’t Me!!!

You as the submissive have to offer something of value to Me to even gain MY interest and attention. YOU have to stand out above the rest of those who just scream for attention. YOU have to make Me curious to know more about you and oh if you get fortunate enough in doing this, YOU better make sure you don’t let the opportunity to please Me and put yourself in a good light with Me from the start pass by.  Because every opportunity comes with a deadline and I can guarantee you I am watching.

Even in Financial Fetish and Domination I am very much Old School and highly Traditional in the way I see the connections. I am a LOVER of Protocols, Rituals and more. I bring a strong structure into the life of those who actually kneel to SERVE ME in a long term style relationship and those with whom I find that special connection there will be a mixture of the Newer Age forms of communication and presentations as it must be, but a deep deep ground work based in True Goddess worship and strict Low as well as HIGH Protocols which you’ll learn to cherish.

I am NOT a Mistress – I am a Goddess – and that places Me in style and how I see the connections in a very different aspect. I do expect beautiful manners, almost courtly, and those I condition could be taken to any Event after a while and be a Showpiece of how a sub should behave and awe those around U/us.

I am still a Goddess from an Era that is romanticized now and largely forgotten because it is one that takes an immense amount of effort on both sides, but that holds such a beauty that it will bring tears to your eyes.

To Me those things are as natural as breathing. They are just how it is and how it should be. I am the Goddess on High and My slaves are able to hold their heads high in pride of having been picked by Me for this privilege.

Now take a little guess what type of submissive man or sissy you have to be to gain My attention and the opportunity to serve Me personally. The get that special touch that makes you want to sink to your Knees for Me.  Do you think a boy with an attitude problem or one that is lazy can gain that? NO!!!

I am not the only Lady who is this way out there. Quality always stands above quantity. A woman of Dominance is not a commodity that you can just pick up at any street corner my dears. So it behooves you not to treat your approaches as if any of US are.

Goddess Bella Donna


RVer Frustration day today.

RVer Frustration day today

Nomadic Goddess Journal

I love my nomadic lifestyle, but no matter how much you love something ever so often there are just those really frustrating moments that you just can’t avoid.

Today is one of those for me and it is all about trying to find an RV reservation here in Florence Oregon for 7 days from September 12th to September 19th.  I am getting ahead of myself so.

My traveling schedule and where I go at what given time hinges strongly on 3 factors.

#1 Money – that’s always the big one. Living stationary in an RV would be super cheap but once you do what I do and travel in it constantly (even at a sedate pace) it gets super costly. So yes I keep an eye on the budget and look at what’s possible at what point so I don’t put the next leg of the journey and with that myself in jeopardy. Common sense stuff.

#2 Weather – I have never in my life watched and researched the Weather Patterns and what is happening where as I have been since I have been full-time RV traveling. Being in an RV means you really don’t want to be in super cold or super hot climates at any given time.  Of course being in a more or less natural weather disaster wouldn’t be all that advisable either. So that again should be common sense stuff.

#3 Internet connection availability. – I work online and with that cannot afford to be in areas where my Verizon Hotspot through which I have my Internet access doesn’t work.  Losing that connection can end up really causing some serious financial issues on my end. Ha, last time I had no way of avoiding it I was out for 7 days and I lost roughly $600 in income for that week. Not a good situation to be in.

So I always keep the 3 biggies as I have come to think of them in mind.  With that comes using your common sense and go with the cheapest possible options for the stays. I am a Member of several RV Membership Clubs that have allowed me to get my stays either for free or really reasonable in most cases. That helps to offset the other monetary obligations I have.

I have the following RV Memberships which I use as much as possible, but as with all things they do come with Rules and limitations.

Thousands Trails – For that one I have the all zones Membership and upgraded to Premier. Which means I am able to stay in a Park for 3 Weeks at a time and then have to either move on to another Park in their System or be out of their System for 7 days.

Colorado Springs Adventures – They are a 13 Park System at the moment located in California and Arizona. Here I can stay for 2 Weeks at a time, then have to be out for 7 days or pay out for the 7 days to remain in the Park and System.

Coast to Coast – Those are again Nation Wide and I am a Premier Member with them as well. There I can stay between 7, 14 or 21 days depending on park, availability etc and after that I have to be out of the System for 7 days. Cost depends on Park but  usually the prices are super cheap or even free at times for me.

Passport America  – Is a Discount Membership across the USA and gives you the chance of saving 50% off their regular rate. So far however I have not been able to use them at all so. Their Parks have a lot of really large black out dates or are in areas I am not going through. So far, they have been of little use to me.

Escapees – Another RV Park Membership which is pretty well known among RVers. They usually have 2 Parks in a State and if you stay there you have to pay but their rates are usually somewhere around $16.00 a night. Those are more like bridge over if you are i the area.

Good Sam – That one is available in most parks but really only gives you a 10% discount, which most of the time just covers the Tax if you think about it.

OH and many parks overlap in Memberships too. For example right now I am staying in South Jetty Florence Oregon and they are part of Thousand Trails, Coast 2 Coast and RPI (another discount membership). I am here through Thousand Trails which means I can’t book in for my week out of the system through any of the other options even so I have them.

Oh yes, you learn to read fine print real fast and to ask the right questions.

Now I had thought that I’d be leaving Oregon by September 12th, but looking at the Weather so far it’s still too hot for me to go somewhere else. So I had to carry it over into October which leaves the week of September 12th to September 19th to be covered.

…and here is where my frustrations begin. The nearest Thousand Trails Park to me is Whalers Rest and that isn’t that far. Only 47 miles or so, only I have been there before and as lovely as it is and it is very pretty there, it’s not an option. They have ZERO internet availability there and with that it’s out.

Ok so looking at the other options… MMM ok Passport America and Good Sam are the only 2 Memberships that are hooked into any of the Parks around here that are out of the System, which means paying full price unless I have them under a Membership.

I called the one that is Passport America since for that I’d have to pay $16.50 a day rather than $39.95 to $59.95 a day which seems to be the going rate around here. They are booked solid until after September 16th so doesn’t fit my needs.

Add to it that the Salmon Run is now in full force here and trying to get in on a reservation right now is difficult and of course as with everything if something “special” is happening and it’s still considered in Season the prices are always slightly higher.

I have my big long trip coming up for the Winter Quarters soon and  oh geez that is one of those things where right now I want to go one place (East Coast Trip – yup looking for Sponsors) or if all else fails I guess I am going back to Needles and then Lake Havasu for the Winter months. Only by now I have been there several times and I am honestly getting bored with them, but they are climate and cost wise the two best options for me.

That of course means that I am really not looking forward to having to shell out $225 for a one week stay in an RV Park which at this point is the cheapest I have found and I looked through them all.  Yes I physically went there to look them over, because the other part is that I have to feel comfortable being there.

I know it sounds funny to some, but having a feeling a comfort and safety is huge to me. Color me picky, but I think you can understand that.

Now of course one of you good boys and adoring pets could just cover that one week out for me and make my a very happy Goddess. Hint hint… Sure would take some stress of my back.

If you would like to provide that service for me and earn some major good boy points you can do so via Google Wallet (, Niteflirt (remember they take 30%) or if you do have my personal PayPal account you can tribute it there for me.

Either way looks like I have to get it reserved here in the next few days because if I wait too long there won’t be any spots left.

Wish me luck everyone and I’ll talk to you again soon!

Goddess Bella Donna



August is Sissy Month in Goddess Bella Donna’s realm

Sissy Month

Over the last few days you have been seeing many different sissy type posts emerge in My online Empire.

Between the various contests:

Pillow humping Princesscontestclosed

cropped pink pubesThe sissy Tara Exposure on My humiliation and findom oriented blog in both the Post and the Wall of Shame.

Which is the perfect place for the slut variety of sissies!

Then of course right here in which I have introduced Sissy Bride SissyCupcake and Sissy Bride Monique as well as Sissy Little Samantha Rebecca in her Ballerina outfit.

I have hung out and participated in various discussions in the Fetlife Group “The Sissy Room” and gotten to know a few of the lovely Sissies there as well.

I have had several Skype Fetish and Domination  Sessions with different types of Sissies this month as well which went from the pretty sissy, the vulnerable sissy, the submissive sissy, the sissy princess by day and sissy slut by night, to the purely humiliation driven sissy who needs to feel like a loser in order to be happy.

With other words August shaped up to be a very heavy sissy month in My realm and it was also the reason why I found Myself very motivated to want to put the spotlight on some different types of sissies as well.

You see there is a big misconception in the online world out there and that misconception is that all sissies are the flinging their dicks in panties slut types, but that is far from the truth. Sure I think there is a little sweet slut in all sissies somewhere, but there are many for whom that isn’t the most important driving force.

Sissy Tara feeling vulnerable in her pretty dress
Sissy Tara feeling vulnerable in her pretty dress

Now for example My darling sissy Tara who is a communal exposure slut whore has a very classy side to her as well. She is also deeply dedicated to her sissy development and yes she is all in. She can’t live her life as a sissy as often as she’d like but that is actually a fair representation of what is true in most sissy’s life.

For many boys out there being a sissy is simply a humiliation driven fetish. It gets them aroused to think about dressing in female clothing and in the large majority of those whom you see on Social Media it always ends up being about them being on their knees sucking cock or getting fucked by cock either under their own steam or under the strict instructions of a Mistress.

In most cases however once you dig a little deeper and I have done a ton of digging during My Fetish Calls on Niteflirt of the dick loving variety sissies and as they love to be called sissy faggots, you find out that for most of them it’s all just a fantasy. Many of them are actually straight guys who have never even dressed up in panties and haven’t come within spitting distance of a cock. It’s simply a Taboo type of fetish fantasy that gets them hot and aroused.  A few have done it but it’s not an everyday thing and constant as they like to portray either. Real life and responsibilities do get in the way. For them it’s just about the humiliation and the taboo. Is there anything wrong with that? Of course there isn’t even is I tease them and taunt them mercilessly about being such little cum dumps. It’s all in good fun and exactly what they need.

What about those sissies out there however for whom this is not just a fetish fantasy but a deep desire and lifestyle choice? Who struggle with coming to terms with their needs and desires? Who feel misunderstood and even in today’s society have a hard time finding someone who will understand them and embrace them for who they are?

What about the sissies who are into being pretty, truly wish to live like women but are not classifying them-selves as trans women? What about those submissive sissies who need the strict but caring control of Mistress who will keep them in that place that is so difficult to find and successfully remain in?

There is a reason why sissies are among some of the most easily depressed and most attention needing kinky people out there. There is also a reason why most sissies go through at least 4 to 6 purges during their life. A purge is when they get rid of all their sissy items and try to be “just another normal man”.

The problem is that if you are truly a sissy deep inside and it’s not just a roleplay that you indulge in once in a while, being “just another normal man” is almost impossible. Something in you, that something that makes you genuinely you is missing.

Human beings are social animals by nature even those among us who can be happy in solitary situations still from time to time need companionship and someone who will see us and accept us for who we are not the mask so many people out there are forced to wear daily.

Sissies and Crossdressers are in a precarious position even within the LGBT community where they are often times looked down upon. Most sissies are depicted and treated like inferiors, like the brunt of a particularly bad joke often times.

For some that is perfect because that is what drives their desires and I call that cock driven needs. For others however it is painful and emotionally devastating.

That is one of the many reasons why I try so very hard as a more or less public figure here on the Internet and a somewhat well known Mistress to display and showcase from time to time that there is a lot more to being a sissy than what you get almost forced into your face daily.

It’s one of the reasons why I speak to sissies in a lifecoach or that Female Alpha Female who gets you and is open to listen to you without judgement capacity as well.

We laugh and point at the slut sissies, shame them for being such dirty filthy cock craving whores and that feeds their need as bimbo’s in the center of attention. Heck I get paid for doing that, my sarcasm and humiliation is just one of the many Femdom Fetish Pro-Domination “Services” I offer haha.

When all is said and done so, I see beyond the veil and recognize as well as appreciate my sweet soft and loving sissies who simply just want to have a Lady of Quality and Power to care about them and see them for who they are. They find a caring, nurturing and yet strict Mistress in Me whom they can be save with and simply be what they are inside.

I always say about Myself that I am a living Goddess who just happens to be a Domina and natural born Alpha Female. It wasn’t a choice I made to become that, it was simply something that I am. I developed into that more and more as I became an adult, but the character trades and the personality was always there, I just didn’t have a name for it.

Well the same holds true with a lot of the sissies I encounter and end up speaking to on Niteflirt or session with online or in real time as well. It was in them and something along the line triggered the need in them and they finally found a word for it. That word was “Sissy”.

I always end these types of post with an invitation for you to reach out and call Me at Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 ext: 9473405 when you see Me as available or to request a Skype Chat Session with Me via MizBellaDonna2you if you want or need someone who will not judge you but embrace you and guide you or just talk to you openly and honestly about the sissy that lives inside of you.

Yes I do charge for My time and attention, but remember that I have chosen to make My passion for BDSM, Fetish and Kinks My Career as well. I do what so many of you can only dream of doing, I do what I love for a living and support My travels and life that way.

Think about that for a second – who better than someone who has that type of mentality and attitude to reach for the dream they have and have the courage to do what they love for a living to be the cheerleader and loving guidance for your submissive life as well.

Goddess Bella Donna

Politically incorrrect insensitive Bitch with Attitude!