Smoking Fetish Webcam Lemon to Lemonade

Smoking Fetish Webcam Lemon to Lemonade

Turning a disappointing turn out to My benefit!

728screen Yesterday was my official grand opening for My Phone with Cam Smoking Fetish and Domination Listing on Niteflirt. On the side you can see what I looked like for those who I was hoping would avail them-selves of the opportunity.

I had sent out a Newsletter with this picture, the link to the correct listing where they could read what was available and did the same with various Social Media Outlets.

What I received back was a couple of emails from guys telling Me they wanted to be My first smoking puppet but none of them actually followed through and called in.

I kept the listing open and available for about 5 hours until I decided that to close it down and keep the other phone only listings open.

In a way I found it funny really that after so many smoking fetish boys begging Me for Webcam sessions they were absent once again when I was generous to allow it. However now I was all prettied up and ready for some smoking fetish fun. What is a Goddess to do? Ha, capitalize on the moment of course and use the opportunity to film instead.

That is exactly what I did too and had a blast creating several brand new smoking fetish clips for my loyal fetish clients on Clips4Sale. I even offered one up on Niteflirt of the various clips. I took the opportunity to take a few Webcam Snapshots as well which I put into a nice little Smoking Fetish Photo Pack for those among you who love the images of a Smoking Goddess. Click here for the Post to it!

A special Clip is still in the editing sequence at the moment which those among you of the smoking fetish (force smoking instructions) and smoke domination variety located in Astoria or Portland Oregon won’t want to miss out. Goddess is announcing a limited time special rate for her loyal smoke fetish slaves on Clips4Sale Professional Real Time Opportunity in this clip while I am here in Wheeler Oregon. It should become available to you no later then tomorrow. Make sure you look on My content for sale blog for the Clip announcement. You’ll see it mentioned in the description.

My next Smoking Fetish Phone w. Cam Opportunity in which I’ll open up this listing will be on Monday August 1st from roughly 5 pm to 9 pm Oregon Time. Make sure you add yourself to My Niteflirt mailing list before then so you don’t miss out on the opportunity. Use this link here to do so and I’ll post up the “new look of the day” Photo for it on Monday Afternoon.

Well I have to run for now, but I’ll be back later this evening. I’ll be available to take your phone fetish calls for a bit after 6pm Oregon time on any of my Phone only listings. Remember you can always indulge in your Smoking Fetish under My control on My Mistress listing. Talk to you then!

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