Fetish Politics Rant read with caution!

Fetish Politics Rant

Read with caution!

I am starting to feel as if I should change the “Tag” of this blog to “WTF moments of Goddess Bella Donna” it might become more accurate, but for crying out loud we are living in a world of such utter stupidity that it’s hard to write anything else any longer.

It seems like everything these days is getting censored now or is becoming offensive to a point that indulging in various fetishes which are outside of licking pussy and encouraging you to be a cock sucking faggot (oh geez I am sorry I am sure I just offended somebody) is taking your own life in your hands.

More and more venues of the Social Media type are restricting usage of language in order to combat the “hurt feelings” of individual groups and it’s getting to the point that you are risking losing your account if you dare indulge in a Fetish that might be “offensive” to some nitwit who doesn’t realize what a fetish is out there.

I have 4 niche specializations that are considered to be “highly politically incorrect and offensive to the majority of dipshits” out there. I have to literally take texts which are only available to consenting adults over the age of 18 or 21 depending on the Region and who must actually physically purchase the content (therefor showing consent) and censored them to death in order to assure that someone doesn’t cause Me to lose My accounts over it.

Or worth yet take out of context to the point that I am now pointed out as “public enemy” because I wrote a text or recorded an audio with offensive language in it which could hurt the sensibilities of other people.

The specializations in the offensive fetish fields I have are:

  1. Religious / Blaspheme / Satanic / Humiliation Fetish
  2. Financial Domination and Fetish
  3. Racial Domination and Humiliation Fetish
  4. Body or Weight Humiliation Fetish

All of those are fetishes that specific niche groups of clients are looking for and enjoy. They pay Me to humiliate them, verbally abuse them, call their intelligence into question and yes ridicule them while using hard hitting strong language which would have you spitting nails in protest. The funny part of that is that they don’t take it any more serious than I do. It’s a fetish to them, they get it, they get off on it, and they pay for it because it’s a Taboo and I execute in a creative and tongue in cheek way that at the same time sounds so sincere it would have timid souls running for the hills.

Oh but now we are living in a society where tolerance is as much a buzz word as Terrorism is. Two words which truly terrorize the US as fun loving Fetish Providers of the wicked and devious persuasion.

Sure it’s perfectly ok if I humiliate going just one way and only for the pre-approved by the majority of dickweeded imbeciles groups, but let me do something that will possibly offend the sensibilities of groups that are seen as “being prosecuted” and all hell breaks lose. Problem is, what the fuck are you doing looking at MY content to begin with and why are you even putting yourself in the situation of being offended when I clearly mark what this fetish content is about.

The irony is not lost on Me that in many cases I humiliate people which I am actually part of that group of right along with the plain opposite of Me. It’s not lost on me, but not surprisingly it is lost on you.

How can a woman who by society standards will be termed as fat at a height of 5’5 ft and 246lbs do “FAT PIG” or “WEIGHT HUMILIATION” do this in any other way but tongue in cheek? Holy Hell you numbskulls I am calling the Kettle black here. But you want to be offended because I am “body shaming”? Rolls in laughter. Maybe if you would take your own insecurities a little less serious and learn to be ok with fat asses you’d realize that this is not meant seriously and that those whom I do this with and for are getting off on it. As in they have one hell of an Orgasm and go about their day, unlike you numbskulls who will be sitting there for the next freaking week offended to the point that you are cock and pussy blocking all over the place.

How can you possibly take a woman ridiculing your Religious stupidities and leading you into sinful temptation, while calling HERSELF SATAN IN THE FEMALE FORM and flat out telling you that She doesn’t believe in either God or Satan serious to the point that you lose your shit over it? All I am doing it pointing out the very things that any person with even a bit of intellect sat down before and went… “Seriously that is just fucking stupid, but well I believe because I want to hope and no I don’t take it literal” would see the same way in a lucid moment. Oh and what you think just because the world is terrified of you getting your knickers into a bunch and call down some sort of Jihad on all of us I have to leave you out, but I can ridicule the Christians, the Pagans, the Jews and any other religious group? How the fuck do you think that works? It’s a fucking fetish and it gets people off who are into it. You take yourselves way too serious and your particularly fictional character in the Sky.

Oh and poor poor males, you just have so few brains that obviously you still all need your Mommies to tie your shoes for you and change your diapers too because you have absolutely no self-accountability for any of your habits and spending. How dare I take advantage of your weaknesses and drain your wallets while you helpless jerk your dicks off to the idea of being used and abused by a cruel woman who is only out for your money!

How dare I take advantage of you innocent little lambs and force you into emptying your wallets on me? Hello, how the hell am I forcing you to participate in something that gets you off and you are fantasizing about? How am I reaching through the Screen, put a gun to your head and make you sign over every penny you have, you poor mindless zombie minded imbeciles?

Seriously are you that stupid that you don’t get the concept of consensual and that only those who actually are into this to even some form will participate in this fetish and no there was no actual force either. It’s consensual and it’s not my freaking problem if you have buyers remorse after.

Man the fuck up and stop being such whiny little shits all the time, it’s no wonder women are sick of you and won’t even look at you unless you are forking some cash over. Money is the only thing that makes your whining and excuses even remotely palpable. The reality is that no those men are not being forced into being rinsed, taken for a financial ride, having their wallets raped or otherwise having to show some type of appreciation of the financial kind to the women who cater to their specific fetish needs and desires. They are no dumber then the rest of you and oh…opps ….maybe I just canceled out my own point of men being actually intelligent enough to know what they are getting into when approaching a woman who labels herself a Findomme, Rinser, Wallet Raper or any other denotion of greedy bitch wanting your hard earned money because it turns her on to take it from you and to control you by taking your financial power away.  Let that thought marinate for a second on your own.

Finally let’s address racial humiliation and how dare I as a white woman humiliate black, brown, yellow or red men? How dare I declare that I am superior because I am a woman and white? How dare I do that to all of those poor oppressed black men who are all so innocent as the driven snow? Well don’t worry so much because I humiliate the white guys just as much for being such black cock loving faggots or sissies. I am an equal opportunity racial humiliatrix, I think you are all fair game to be made fun off and humiliated for your racial stereo type stupidities and dumbassery. Hey I don’t have the racial hangups you do, I just capitalize on it in a fetish way.

I make just as much fun of  poor pink shriveled up white little worm dicks as I do about your ethnic man. Oh and believe me those who ask for it LOVE IT! What pisses Me off is that it’s perfectly ok in today’s society for a black woman to talk shit to a white guy, but god forbid a white woman does it to a black man. That’s just wrong, horrible, mean, cruel and disrespectful to your civil rights. BITE ME.

Again it’s a fucking fetish and I get paid good money for it by those who actually get off on being called out of their names, being told that they are N slaves and that they are only good enough to lick the soles of My feet but never …. You get the point.

Oh and Racial Humiliation goes any race against any other race. Don’t take yourselves so fucking serious bitches because you are not the only ones out there. You are really not that fucking special or important, but you are the ones I hear constantly bitching about the injustice and how it sets you back by hundreds of years. Damn I must be one powerful bitch if I can destroy your entire RACE by talking shit to a select few handfuls of your guys while they are stroking their dicks. paying Me and squirting to the whole fantasy of it right before going back to their good jobs and successful little lives. They don’t seem to suffer any negative emotional or physical effects from it. Matter of fact they seem rather relaxed and happy after. MMM… makes you think.

Do you see what I am trying to show you here? When you allow society and politics to interfere with fetish sexuality while all the while screaming for tolerance,  you are some hypocritical asses. You want me and all other content providers of those types to be tolerant of you and your needs, but you are telling me that I cannot provide or indulge in fetishes that are done between consenting adults only just because you want to force Me to be tolerant of your “feelings”.

There are no innocent victims in any of them because those who participate are already guilty of being sinful little perverted fuckers who get off on it. I am not going to push it on someone who doesn’t want it. They come to Me and request the abuse or pick content that is going to rip into them in some form. Oh but I am sorry I will have to let those who are looking for it that it’s available to them via My phone lines and content options. You know this is the Internet, you can make MY posts invisible or just block me if you are that offended by it.

Maybe instead of being oversensitive little bitches you need to grow up a little bit and realize that sexuality and fetishes come in all flavors and that they are conducted by consenting adults who are obviously mentally more mature then you are. Why? Because they can tell the difference between a fetish / fantasy and reality. You may want to try it out someday.

Oh and between consenting ADULTS means exactly that. It’s between Me and the PERSON that I am either selling the content to or doing the call with. I am not going to bring his wife, his girlfriend, his family or anyone else who didn’t ask for it into the fantasy. I am not going to do that, because that is outside of consent. It’s personal 1 on 1.  I provide, they purchase or pay for My time and consent was given and the fetish requested. Got that? Just a little reminder of why you don’t have shit to say about it.

So before you think that they only people who have freedom of speech is you who want to restrict all the rest of US from talking, try putting a muzzle on yourself for a while. I hear that there are loads of people in the kink community who find being gagged rather arousing.

Keep your society sensibilities and political correctness out of the BEDROOMS of adult people and mind your own fucking business. I am sure you have enough of your own twisted and devious little skeletons in your closets that might want some dusting off.

In the meantime I know I have to be more careful about how I market MY fetishes but I am NOT going to stop offering them until Big Brother makes those illegal as well. I am sure you’ll manage to push it to that sooner or later because you are getting pretty darn good at taking everyone’s rights away just so you can have yours. Let’s see how fun it will be when it’s your fetish or ideology or rights to live a happy life comes under attack. I wonder if you’ll still be so hot to preach Tolerance and acceptance to the point that you lose the ability to think before speaking.

Rolls eyes, I would think you have more important issues to worry about then a little harmless fetish fun for adults.

Goddess Bella Donna


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